Paola creates various kinds of composition
with real dried flowers and pressed...

... through an exclusive process handed down to her by Andrea, her father: without the help of any colouring agent, it is possible to retain the original colour of the many flowers she uses so that their vibrancy is almost unchanged over time.

This activity comes from the mountain region of the Val Susa, at a height of about two thousand metres: here Paola’s father used to run the Alpine Training Station where experiments were carried out to test the resilience of crops and animals at high-altitude.

A instinctive passion for flowers and accessibility to a very particular kind of flora meant that, through trial and experimentation, he was able to succeed in perfecting a completely natural system for drying the most beautiful flowers, retaining their colours over time.

So it was that, in the Fifties, Andrea began to create his first floral compositions. They were immediately a hit with visitors to the Alpine Station: going away with a picture made from flowers gave them the feeling they were taking a little piece of that uncontaminated paradise home with them.

Paola’s imagination did the rest: her output evolved and expanded as time went by, so that today, as well as traditional compositions on cardboard and on big panels such as those that now adorn the Alpine Station church, she creates:

Silk miniatures
Letters of the alphabet
Photo-frames and other objects from wood, plexiglass, etc.
Copybooks, photo-albums and boxes
Decoration of photos, parchments, writings, etc.
Lampshades and wall lights made from paper, parchment, fabric
Wooden trays
Plexiglass trays
Bags (in leather and banner)
Table runner, placemats and tablecloth
Fashion Jewellery
Plates and mugs

and other applications Paola is working on ...