Flowers. Why on earth? To experience and convey emotions.
Because flowers stir the emotions.

A flower is beautiful, harmonious, pleasing, delicate, pretty, natural, ecological, spontaneous, unique, unrepeatable, universal, soft, immediate, varied, coloured, nuanced, free, authentic, essential, true, international, unconditional, shared, complete in itself and above all Ö itís a flower!

So why not try and get it to live forever, prevent it from fading, be able to admire it at any time, collect the positive energy it radiates, share its beauty with other people, experience with intensity ... all its being a flower!

An object with a flower is unique, personal, the expression of a lasting fashion, something that never goes out of fashion and is therefore beyond fashion, an object that complements your personality, your outlook on life, how you see life, how you see others, how you spend your time and live your life, every day!